Report: The Sandman Season 2 Casts The Punisher’s Amber Rose Revah in Mystery Role

Actor Amber Rose Revah, who played Agent Dinah Madani in both seasons of Marvel’s The Punisher, will reportedly appear in the next installment of The Sandman as an unrevealed character.

According to Redanian Intelligence, Revah has been cast in Season 2 of Netflix‘s dark fantasy series The Sandman. Although her character has not yet been announced, there are a number of possibilities given the scope of the Season 2 storyline.

In The Punisher, Revah played an agent of Homeland Security whose investigation into her partner’s death leads her to discover that Frank Castle, the Punisher, is alive and doing some investigating of his own. Revah has also appeared in Prime Video’s The Peripheral and the LGBT cult film I Can’t Think Straight.

The Sandman covers all kinds of genres and themes

The Sandman Season 1, based on DC‘s iconic dark fantasy comic series by Neil Gaiman, came to Netflix in 2021. The story follows Dream of the Endless, portrayed by Tom Sturridge. Dream, also called Morpheus or simply the Sandman, is an immortal being who personifies dreaming. After he is held captive for decades by humans who were seeking his sister Death, Dream escapes and begins to rebuild his kingdom, approaching his duties with a somewhat changed perspective.

Along with creating an original mythology and crossovers with the DC universe, The Sandman comics drew on historical events and worldwide legends of all kinds. The second season promises to follow the source material with a “wild mix of genres” and subplots that include the Greek gods, while also teasing the return of Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer, Lord of Hell.

A release window for Season 2 has not yet been announced, but a series adapting The Sandman spin-off comics Dead Boy Detectives is also in the works at Netflix and will be set in the same world.