Transformers Gets (Universal) Monstrous With Frankenstein Crossover

Apparently the previous Transformers crossover with Universal’s Dracula was so popular that the brands are at it again. And this time, they’re alive! Bringing a touch of Karloff to Cybertron, the undead Frankentron robot lurches to life with an electric-looking weapon.

Just remember — Frankentron is the name of whoever built this creation. Frankentron’s Robot is this character’s name. Or not. Honestly, it’s not canon, so call it whatever you like.

He Belongs Undead

For what it’s worth, Hasbro‘s bio implies that he’s man-made. Apparently, “Welded together from deceased Cybertronian parts, a new creation has escaped Dr. Frankenstein’s lab – Frankentron!”

Based on the Siege Impactor figure, Frankentron features a new paint job and a head inspired by Boris Karloff’s classic oblong-headed makeup. He transforms into a tank, making him even more destructive and obstacle-obliterating than before, albeit this time deliberately so. There’s no innocence to this guy — that Decepticon logo on his treads says it all about his intentions. The figure comes in a faux-VHS box, replicating the way many ’80s kids probably first saw Universal’s Frankenstein.

Frankentron pre-sold out immediately on Hasbro Pulse, but other online retailers like our partners at Entertainment Earth still carry him, for around $35. He probably won’t arrive in time for Halloween, but it’s the thought that counts.

Presumably sales will determine further Universal Monsters mashups — they’re relatively easy for Hasbro to make, with few new parts. So which boat-themed bot gets to be the basis for a creature from the Black Lagoon crossover?