Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics Figures Depict the 1983 Show

As part of Hasbro‘s multi-pronged attempted relaunch of Dungeons & Dragons as a major brand, they’re finally delivering the toy line kids wanted in the ’80s. Back then, LJN made action figures based on the game, but the TV show based on the game went mostly unrepresented. In the 1983 cartoon, a group of kids enter a Dungeons & Dragons amusement park ride, and find themselves transported into a fantasy realm. There, they have magical weapons and embody different character classes from the game. The new Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics line brings three of those kids into three dimensions, along with their mentor and arch-foe.

Previously, the animated characters had only appeared as PVC figures in Europe. Each of the new figures comes fully articulated, with signature weapon. They also include a special die apiece — collect them all to make an exclusive set.

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The first wave includes Hank the ranger, Diana the acrobat, Bobby the barbarian with baby unicorn Uni, and a two-pack of the Dungeon Master and Venger. Venger includes his big wings and alternate spellcasting hands. All figures are currently Target exclusives, although after September 30, only Venger and Dungeon Master will be exclusives. The individual figures run $24.99, with the two-pack at $49.99.

Check them all out in the gallery below. Are you glad to finally have these? Let us know in comments.

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