She-Hulk Adds Character Posters for Luke Jacobson and Mallory

This week’s episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law pushed two comics-based characters forward into the spotlight, albeit looking a little different than they did on the page. Mallory Book, longtime rival of Jen Walters, took on her frenemy as a client against Titania’s lawsuit for copyright infringement. And Luke Jacobson, previously a fashion mogul who debuted in the Dakota North Investigates comics, now apparently serves as the MCU’s version of Edna Mode. It would appear Daredevil ditched Melvin Potter, his previous costume designer on the Netflix series, in favor of Jacobson’s larger, more accountable business. Assuming any of that Netflix stuff remains canon, of course.

You may know Griffin Matthews best as Shane Evans on HBO’s The Flight Attendant. Or, perhaps, in the role of D’Unte from the TV version of Dear White People.

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Renee Elise Goldsberry played Angela Schuyler in Hamilton. She also played Geneva Pine on The Good Wife, and has done voice-over work in cartoons like The Lion Guard. More directly relevant to She-Hulk, she frequently appeared as a singer on Ally McBeal.

What did you think of these characters this week? Do you like the posters? Most importantly, when do we get one for Daredevil? Tell us your thoughts in comments.

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