Hasbro Officially Reveals Previously Leaked Thor Marvel Legends Figures

Yes, that figure above represents our first good look at Gorr the God-Butcher, Christian Bale’s villain from Thor: Love and Thunder. Since the new teaser doesn’t feature him, we may not known about his plan for a while. But presumably, whatever it is, it lures Thor out of his post-Endgame hiatus, and/or prompts Jane Foster to wield Mjolnir. Images of Hasbro‘s latest Thor Marvel Legends hit the Internet a while back, but today, debuting at Comicbook.com, they become official. Notice how Gorr’s chin remains fairly normal, allowing for a world of custom Marvel Legends Dark Knight possibilities.

The Love and Thunder wave is a rare Marvel Legends wave featuring all movie figures with minimal parts reuse. Even Star-Lord, clad in familiar garb, sports a new sculpt. From the Guardians, the line also includes teen Groot, who has only previously gotten a Legends figure in a hard-to-find two-pack. And Ravager Thor, in his casual Guardians/Ravagers attire, looks like he just got back from a metal concert.

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King Valkyrie, in ruler of New Asgard attire, and the new Mighty Thor, Jane Foster, add some powerful women to the mix. Jane includes both maskd and unmasked heads, while a fully armored up Thor doesn’t. Though presumably any of his other many unmasked heads from other figures would work fine.

Collect the whole wave to build Korg, who looks more accurately larger this time than his previous two-pack figure. Sales begin April 26 at most of your favorite online retailers, but reports from around the country indicate they may have hit some Walmarts already.

Check them all out in the gallery below. Then tell us your favorite in comments.

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