Thor: Love and Thunder Teaser Updates Us on the Characters We Love

It’s finally here. After several merchandise leaks and reveals, and in non-coincidental advance of tomorrow’s Hasbro livestream, the first Thor: Love and Thunder teaser hath arrivest. Plotwise, it doesn’t tell us much we don’t already know. Thor, Valkyrie, Korg, and the Guardians of the Galaxy seem to be in situations that simply feel like logical continuations of where the story left them. But Jane’s looking all-new, and all-mighty.

Check it out in the player below:

Fans divided on whether “Fat Thor” was a convincing depiction of depression or an unkind joke last time. One thing’s for certain: that level of realistic prosthetics costs more than simply sending Chris Hemsworth back to the gym. So of course Thor must retain his fighting shape as well. And given director Taika Waititi’s affinity for classic heavy metal, Guns N’ Roses just makes for natural gym music.

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Aside from maing it clear that all the major characters Thor hung with last time stuck around, including Korg, of course, there’s not much sense of what the new plot is. Obviously Jane now wields Mjolnir, but we’ll have to wait to find out anything much about villain Gorr the God-Butcher. The continued tension between Thor and Star-Lord should make for some interesting fan extrapolations.

There’s also a new poster, which we’ve included an image of below.

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