Moon Knight Writer Developing a Nova Project for the MCU

Ever since Guardians of the Galaxy debuted the Nova Corps and expanded the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a Nova movie seemed inevitable one day. Today, via Deadline, comes word that Moon Knight writer Sabir Pirzada is indeed working on Nova. With the Disney+ shows now equal to the movies in canon, it could be a TV project instead. But it’s something.

Aside from Pirzada’s name, no other details seem known at this time. But while many heroes have had the “Nova” moniler, Kevin Feige did previously confirm that the primary known version, Richard Rider, was one he had plans for.

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In comics, Rider is a high-schooler in New York who gets the power and uniform of the Nova Corps from a dying alien named Rhomann Dey. Rider initially becomes a superhero on Earth, but ultimately travels into space and to Xandar. Dey in the current MCU is played by John C. Reilly — like many comics characters adapated by James Gunn, he’s significantly different onscreen. And it’s hard to imagine Feige killing this version off. Still, Nova as a character had his origins changed several times before the Rider version, so he’s no stranger to retcons. Nova also featured in the comics’ Secret Invasion storyline, so the upcoming series of that name could see his debut.

Pirzada got his start as a writer working on Person of Interest, first as an assistant and then writer. Prior to Moon Knight, he served as story editor on Roswell, New Mexico.

What do you hope to see in a Nova project? Let us know in comments.

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