The Orville: New Horizons Will Premiere on Hulu In June

Captain Ed Mercer and his crew will have to wait a few extra months before they can fire up the USS Orville’s engines. Hulu has announced that the upcoming season of Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek parody, The Orville: New Horizons, has been pushed back to June 2. The new season was previously set to kick off on March 10.

Fortunately, MacFarlane and company aren’t leaving viewers hanging. Hulu also debuted the first four minutes from the season premiere, including a stunning new opening credits sequence. The clip shows the titular vessel caught in the midst of a massive dog fight in space. Several crew members are seen running for their lives, while others get sucked into the vacuum of space. We also see a familiar character from the first two seasons, who appears to be taking a dark turn this year. You can check out the full scene below.

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The new footage was also accompanied by a new statement from MacFarlane himself. Via his Twitter account, he explained how COVID-19 is largely to blame for the series’ delay. He also promised that longtime fans won’t be disappointed when the new season finally airs.

“To all The Orville fans: Thanks for being so patient with us as we’ve navigated the production challenges resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” wrote MacFarlane. “As occasionally happens, our show has been repositioned amidst the ever-changing television schedule landscape. Which means that the wait will be just a bit longer, and we’re now preparing for a June 2nd launch on Hulu.”

“We’ve always promised you a television experience that will make it worth the wait,” continued MacFarlane. “And we’re not wavering on that. We understand the frustration you’re feeling over more delays. So we want to give you a little taste of what’s to come. Here’s a sneak peek at the first few minutes of our season opener, and our new main title!”

Are you excited to watch the new season of The Orville later this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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