Super7 Crowdfunds 3.75-Inch Scale G.I. Joe Cobra Mothership

Appearing mostly in the G.I. Joe animated series, the Cobra Mothership was a monstrously sized floating base like SHIELD’s Helicarrier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Though Hasbro was totally into insanely oversized playsets for the toy line, like the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier and the U.S.S. Defiant space shuttle launch complex, they tended not to follow the animated series. Rather, they had the show follow their lead.

Super7‘s license, however, is specifically for the cartoon. They’re crowdfunding a jumbo-sized Cobra Mothership toy that fits not only their Reaction figures, but classic Hasbro 3.75-inch Joe figures as well. In close cooperation with Hasbro, they’re even debuting more poseable O-ring figures with the Mothership. To keep them distinct from Hasbro’s, they do not include the famous swivel-arm battle grip, but do have the ball hips and hinged elbows and knees.

Nothing to Hiss at

Nearly three feet in diameter, the Mothership includes three thruster styled display stands, five removable roof panels for interior access, 16 light-up thrusters on the underside, lowering ramp, armory, prison cell with handcuffs, explosives storage, and more. Plus it comes with two Cobra Viper gunners — one Reaction with five points of articulation, and one in the new-old O-ring style.

Early bird backers who preorder within the next 10 days will receive a bonus set of two working Cobra parachute packs. After that, stretch goals include two extra turrets and more stickers at the 5,000 backer mark. If 6,000 people back the project, two Cobra Trubble Bubble vehicles that can fit inside the Mothership will be included. Make it 7,000, and two additional figures of a gray Viper gunner officer — one Reaction, one O-ring — get packed in.

The price for all this? An unsurprising $495. You have until Dec. 11 to decide, with an estimated delivery time of next fall. For anyone who still has their 3.75-inch Joes, this is surely a dream acquisition.

Still not sure? Check out all the details in the images below.