Rat King Revamp Leads Super7 TMNT Ultimates Wave 11

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans found themselves greatly disappointed when Super7 revealed a prior prototype of the Rat King. Unlike almost every other figure in the line, his design was based not on the original Playmates toys but a video game. Fans mockingly dubbed him “Sexy Rat King,” and Super7 postponed the figure. Now he’s back, and looks as he always should have: the original toy design, upgraded and made as extra-grotesque as modern sculpting can, without violating the recognizable appearance.

Rat and Two TMNTs

Joining the rodent monarch in Ultimates wave 11 will be Ninja Nomad Leonardo, who is this line’s equivalent of Malibu Stacy in a new hat. Make that two nonremovable hats. (And a cloak.) Throw in a battle-damaged Foot Soldier for army building — the robot kind, so it’s okay to dismember them on a kids’ cartoon — and Rapper Mike. That last one is quite the time capsule, dressed in the style of a pop-rapper from the late ’80s, all neon and boombox chic.

Each figure costs $55 to preorder; as usual, Super7 has an incentive bonus pack to buy the whole wave directly from them. Usually, the bonus pack has some must-have alternate heads or crucial accessories; this time, it’s just more weapons. Save on shipping for individual figures at other sites like Entertainment Earth.

Orders close on December 15, with a proposed shipping date of August 2024. For in-package collectors, Super7 is also now warning that these figures will not come with packaging sleeves anymore. Costs clearly need to be cut.

Take a look at what will be included in all the official images below. Then decide whether you need one or all. Who will win the battle for pizza slices in the New York City sewers? Rats often do pretty well at that, we hear.