McFarlane Swamp Thing, Comedian Joker and More Gamestop Exclusives

Todd McFarlane and Gamestop have collectively decided tomorrow is McFarlane Day, and as such, have seven exclusive figures lined up for preorder. While a few of those are variant/repaints, at least two seem likely to generate large demand. First, the final Joker in the Three Jokers line — “The Comedian,” a.k.a. The Killing Joke Joker — finally arrives to complete the clowny tirumvirate. But bigger than that, literally, a McFarlane Swamp Thing megafig will tower over the rest. And he’s the kind of character McFarlane has clearly been waiting to make since day one of the DC license.

The other exclusives include two new Warhammer variants, and bloody versions of The Witcher III‘s Ice Giant and the new Spawn series Violator. But with the DC ones being wholly new (give or take some reused Joker body parts), expect them to sell out first. Preorders go up at at 8 a.m. eastern tomorrow, Oct. 15. Set your alarms, west-coasters!

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Let Todd show them all off for you in the video below:

Gamestop’s customer service for mail orders is notoriously tricky. so here’s hoping some of these figures make their way into physical stores as well. But as with all exclusive toys these days, preordering really is the best shot anyone has.

Will you get up early to try and make the buy? Let us know in comments!

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