DC Announces New Batman Series and Catwoman Creative Team

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are currently sharing top billing in DC’s ongoing Batman/Catwoman limited series. But things are about to heat up in their respective solo titles as well. Beginning in January, Daredevil writer Chip Zdarsky will segue back over to the DC Universe with artist Carmine Di Giandomenico on a brand new miniseries, Batman: The Knight. Meanwhile, Catwoman is getting a whole new creative team, with writer Tini Howard and artist Nico Leon taking over her ongoing series.

Over the course of 10 issues, The Knight will fill in some of the gaps in the Dark Knight’s origin, where an “angry, damaged” Bruce Wayne learns to channel his grief into a long-running crusade against injustice. Judging by the early artwork, readers will watch as Bruce hones his skills in a few underground fighting rings. Check out a few interior pages (via ComicBook.com) in the gallery below.

Howard and Leon’s Catwoman run also kicks off in January with the series’ 39th issue. Their first storyline will pick up where the previous creative team of Ram V and Fernando Blanco left off, with Selina returning to Gotham and sneaking into an underground club and stealing some kind of “blackmail” material. Howard also teased more of what to expect in a newsletter published via Substack.

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“I don’t want to go too far into what we’re doing in the book yet,” said Howard. “Selina and I agree that there’s nothing more tantalizing than a taste. But you should know that I came in with a lot of plans. I’m building to a Catwoman-centric tale the likes that Gotham has never seen. The shape of this story, what makes it required reading for Selina Kyle’s life all became so clear to me as I worked on this. I’m standing on the shoulders of giants who told my favorite Catwoman tales like [Ed Brubaker], [Darwyn Cooke], and [Geneveive Valentine], and I’m so grateful.”

Batman: The Knight #1 and Catwoman #39 both hit comic shops on January 18.

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