Batman: The Audio Adventures Gets a Comic Book Prequel

Now that all 10 episodes of Batman: The Audio Adventures are streaming on HBO Max, DC is getting ready to expand the story in the comic book medium. Next month, DC will release Batman: The Audio Adventures Special, a one-shot that takes place before the events of the scripted podcast series.

The one-shot includes several new stories penned by a number of different writers, including the podcast’s chief architect, Dennis McNicholas. Some of the series’ voice actors are getting in on the action as well. Bobby Moynihan (Penguin), Paul Scheer (Mr. Charleyhorse), and Heidi Garnder (Harley Quinn) all contributed their own stories to the upcoming collection.

Fans can also expect artwork by a rotating cast of illustrators, including Leonardo Romero, Anthony Marques, J. Bone, German Peralta, Emma Kubert, Jon Mikel, Derec Donovan, Juni Ba, Jacob Edgar, Jesus Hervas, Rich Ellis.

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HBO Max’s Batman: The Audio Adventures puts a comedic spin on the Dark Knight mythos. The series follows Batman after he becomes an official deputized member of the Gotham City Police Department. His latest crusade puts him at odds with his longtime frenemy, Catwoman, as he battles familiar rogues like Two-Face, the Joker, and the Riddler.

Batman: The Audio Adventures Special #1 hits comic shops on October 12. You can also view a variant cover for the issue below.

Will you be checking out the new one-shot next month? Let us know in the comment section below!

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