Exclusive Kitty Pryde Figure With Marvel Unlimited Annual Plus Membership

Many years ago, hardcore comics fans used to feel ashamed of their fandom. But this year, the most dedicated Marvel readers can take Pryde. Yes, Kitty Pryde. As part of the Marvel Unlimited “Annual Plus” membership bonus pack this year, a Kitty Pryde figure can come home in a special Marvel Legends variant. A partial redo of the 2015 X-Men action figure from the build-a-Juggernaut wave, she once again comes with Lockheed. But she also brings new hair, kerchief, and sword. The older figure is long out of stock most places, so this one serves both completists and newer fans.

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Marvel Unlimited is a plan that allows for a digital subscription to over 29,000 comics, including new issues as little as three months after they hit newsstands. It’s an ideal option for people who want to read comics but don’t care about collecting them physically. Seven-day trials remain free for anyone wishing to sample. $9.99 a month seems a more popular option, with an annual membership going for $69.99. The $99.99 Annual Plus includes the Kitty Pryde figure, Skottie Young Spider-Gwen pin, S.W.O.R.D. patch, aX-Men (2021) #1 Marvel Stormbreaker Peach Momoko Variant, and Sinister War (2021) #1 Marc Aspinall Variant.

Sign up now over at Marvel Unlimited. Or just take a weeklong free spin. But if you go all-in, the figure’s a good deal.

Will you take the digital plunge? Let us know in comments.

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