Peter Stormare Says a Constantine Sequel Is “In the Works”

How times have changed since 2005. When the movie Constantine first came out, comics fans complained that the character needed to have blond hair and an English accent, and that Keanu Reeves couldn’t handle the role. Fifteen years later, Reeves is as beloved as he once was mocked. And a general consensus has emerged that even though the Constantine movie isn’t super-faithful to the comics, it’s not a bad movie. Besides, now that people accept a multiverse, and embrace diversions from DC canon like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, an alternate-universe Constantine doesn’t seem such a travesty. Indeed, with the upcoming Flash movie set to include both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Batman, a Keanu Reeves John Constantine could totally fit. Which has led to talk of a Constantine sequel.

On his Instagram, Peter Stormare, who played Satan in the film, now claims “Sequel In The Works.” You can see his comment on the post below:


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This goes against comments previously made by director Francis Lawrence, who said he wanted to make a sequel but was told by DC that it would conflict with other plans they have for the character. That doesn’t preclude something being “in the works” for a future time when he might become available again. Or perhaps DC changed their minds again, as they’ve done in the past with characters like Deathstroke. Then again, maybe Stormare is just being optimistic.

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Would you want to see a Constantine sequel, set in that movie’s universe? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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