McFarlane Toys Shows New Todd McFarlane Designed Batman Figure

For years, Todd McFarlane expressed his desire to do “just one” Batman figure. Even if another company held the main license. Now that he actually possesses the DC toy license, McFarlane Toys put out several Batmen based on specific comic appearances. But clearly McFarlane’s desire to put his own spin on Batman never went away. Therefore, to kick off a new offshoot called McFarlane Gold Label, the Spawn creator got his wish. Presenting the Todd McFarlane designed Batman.

Details about the McFarlane Gold Label Collection are vague. However, it sounds like an updated, more consistent version of the “Color Tops” cross-property line that reinvigorated and returned the company to 7-inch figures. From the press release: “McFarlane Toys has announced its new McFarlane Gold Label Collection Series that will feature characters from your favorite pop-culture and entertainment brands. All figures released in the McFarlane Gold Label Collection will be highly limited and showcased in limited- edition packaging with a McFarlane Toys Gold Label Collection printed in foil.”

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One issue with the Color Tops: the characters sported drastically different articulation depending on the property, while sometimes stuck in dynamic poses. Now that McFarlane Toys is more consistent across brands, this should no longer be an issue.

Thankfully, the company will keep the price the same. The new figures retail for $19.99, and exclusive to Walmart in the U.S., though other retailers may get them internationally. Todd McFarlane’s Batman starts preorders at in October, with an international release in January.

What do you think of Todd McFarlane’s Batman toy design? Comment below to let us know.

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