Movie Venom Action Figure Headlines Venomized Marvel Legends Wave

For over a year now, toy collectors have wondered if Sony’s live-action Spider-Man spin-off movies could get Hasbro figures. Would the studio’s good relationship with Marvel Studios help, or might the lack of Kevin Feige creative control lead to a spat like with pre-merger Fox films? At last, we have our answer, revealed on Hasbro Pulse this morning, and it’s a good one. Yes, there will be toys; they’ll just take longer because Sony is tighter with assets. A movie Venom is the headliner in Hasbro’s upcoming Maximum Venom Marvel Legends line.

It’s not quite accurate to call it a Tom Hardy Venom, since Hardy’s likeness is nowhere to be found. But it’s no turd in the wind either. Boasting a glossy “wet” finish and new articulation, he towers over basic figures. And it bodes well for toys of the forthcoming big-screen Morbius and Carnage. In the meantime, however, those two malevolent miscreants appear in this wave, comic-book styled. (Carnage features an all-new body sculpt from previous versions.) Add in the symbiote Phage, and Venomized versions of Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales, and that’s the full wave.

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Well, almost. A separate Walmart exclusive release of Venomized Captain America should follow, and the massive build-a-figure of the wave is Venompool. The Venom-Deadpool hybrid thus far mostly inspired high-end, expensive statues, but sees mass-produced figure form for the first time here.

Hasbro’s online panel also revealed a Walgreens exclusive Silver Centurion figure with multiple blast effects. And a new bonus tri-face head for the HasLab Sentinel, unlockable at 16,000 backers with three different face plates and color palettes. Finally, a new version of Avengers Endgame Thanos with burned skin and gauntlet got a little tease via an arm reveal.

Take a look at the gallery below to see all the rest. Then tell us your faves in comments.

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