Tessa Thompson Says Upcoming Marvel Slate Will Embrace Diversity

Tessa Thompson Says Upcoming Marvel Slate Will Embrace Diversity

In a recent interview with Variety, Marvel star Tessa Thompson revealed (via ComingSoon.net) that the upcoming slate of Marvel films, aka Phase 4, will bring in a much more diverse ensemble.

“I think in this next phase of Marvel, we’re really talking about what representation looks like in those spaces,” Thompson stated. “Because the truth is these movies travel globally in such huge ways, and if you can represent people that are of color, if you can represent people with disabilities, if you can represent the LGBTQIA community inside of these films, it’s a pretty big deal.”

“There’s millions and millions of people, particularly young people, that show up to the cinema. And I think if you can show them something that looks like them, they feel valued. Particularly inside of these narratives of the comic books, that’s what it’s all about. It’s that our differences make us special.”

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Thompson’s Thor: Love & Thunder character, Valkyrie, will be portrayed as an openly gay woman in the upcoming film, while others Marvel flicks, such as Eternals, will feature openly gay characters.

“I’m really excited that we’re able to continue to push the bounds of that and that I’m able to do that with Valkyrie, because there’s so many cool queer characters in the comic books and they should have a place on-screen.”

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will reunite with director Taika Waititi for the upcoming sequel. Natalie Portman will also return to the MCU in Love and Thunder for the first time since Thor: The Dark World. Additionally, Christian Bale will portray the film’s villain.