The Flash Makes Brandon McKnight a Series Regular for Season 7

Chester P. Runk has only appeared in three episodes of The Flash so far. But apparently, Brandon McKnight’s performance as the character has impressed the series’ producers so much that they’re keeping him around for the long haul. Deadline is reporting that McKnight will be promoted to series regular when The Flash returns for its seventh season this fall.

McKnight made his Flash debut as Chester in the sixth season premiere back in October. Originally a scientist with a penchant for building gadgets out of junkyard finds, Chester quit this job in favor of live-streaming experiments online. During one of these experiments, he attempted to show off a homemade gravitational wave emitter. Unfortunately, the device malfunctioned and created a black hole that absorbed half of Chester’s consciousness and left his body in a catatonic state. Barry ultimately saved him, and he’s since become the newest member of Team Flash. Most recently, Chester showed up on last week’s episode, “Grodd Friended Me.”

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Chester also has a counterpart in DC’s comic book universe. However, this version is very different from what the writers behind The Flash cooked up for his live-action appearances. In the comics, Chester is morbidly obese and also goes by the name “Chunk,” but the TV show retains his scientific intellect and black hole powers.

Are you happy to hear that Chester will have an expanded presence in The Flash’s next season? Should the other characters start calling him Chunk? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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