A Couple of Familiar Faces Return in The Flash Episode 6.14 Photos

The upcoming episode of The Flash will see the return on-screen of a couple of fan-favorite characters. The CW has released a batch of promotional photos from The Flash Episode 6.14 when not only Wally West will speed back into Central City, but also Cisco will join the team once again. Last time fans saw the latter, he went on a mission to better understand the changes of the brand new Earth-Prime after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. As for Kid Flash, he made his last appearance on the show during Season 5.

The set features also a better look at Efrat Dor’s Eva McCulloch, who is hiding the truth about the Mirrorverse from the still trapped Iris.

You can check The Flash Episode 6.14 photos in the gallery below.

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Brent Crowell directed the episode written by Sam Chalsen & Emily Palizzi Gilbert. The synopsis of “Death of the Speed” reads as follows:

“Kid Flash (guest star Keiynan Lonsdale) returns to Central City with a Zen attitude and new tricks up his sleeve. While thrilled to see his family again, Wally confides to Barry (Grant Gustin) that he returned because he thinks there is something wrong with the speed force. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) returns from his fact-finding mission across Earth-Prime.”

Greg Berlanti executive produces the series, along with Sarah Schechter and Eric Wallace. Bonanza Productions Inc. produces The Flash together with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

The Flash Episode 6.14 will air on Tuesday, March 10 on The CW. Are you happy to see Cisco back with the team? What do you think is going on with the speed force? Let us know your guess in the comments section below.