Marvel Offering Avengers Video Game Shirts Ahead of Reveal Next Week

Last week, Square Enix made a surprising announcement that excited both comic book and video game fans. They confirmed they would finally reveal the long-awaited Marvel’s Avengers game at next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. A lot of details are expected, both with the publisher’s press conference and a special panel during the E3 Coliseum presentation. With all the hype surrounding the game, Marvel has launched a new line of shirts, so fans can show off their love for the forthcoming game.

Two of these Marvel’s Avengers shirts are now available for purchase over on Amazon. Though they don’t appear to reveal any special characters from the game, they do show some pretty nifty game logos.

The first can be found here. It features a simple Marvel’s Avengers game logo on the front, and it’s available in a variety of sizes. It’s going for $22.99.

For those of you that prefer a more traditional Avengers design, however, you can go with this design. It’s the worldly logo first revealed last week by Square Enix that ties in with the game, featuring the Avengers emblem against a bright blue background. It’s also available in many sizes, and goes for $22.99.

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Considering the marketability of a game like this, Square Enix and Disney could likely have more products in store, such as action figures, posters and much more. We’ll see what they have planned between next week’s E3 presentation and the Disney D23 Expo, happening later this summer.

Look for more details on Marvel’s Avengers in the weeks ahead. This includes footage, more gameplay information, platforms (like Xbox One and PlayStation 4) and a release date.

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