Brian Michael Bendis Reveals Details on Wonder Comics’ ‘Season 2’

Fans of the new DC’s Wonder Comics series  Naomi will be happy to know that their favorite superhero is going to enter a new phase of her career. The curator of DC’s Wonder Comics Brian Michael Bendis announced that the first run of Naomi‘s series will end with issue six, but she’ll be back. While answering questions in an AMA on Reddit, Bendis confirmed that DC’s new imprint is already working on a new season of comic titles, which will be lead by Naomi and Amethyst.

Issue six wraps the first Naomi run,” Bendis added. “We’re going to do it Hellboy style because Jamal [Campbell] needs to take a break! David [Walker] and I will be building the next part, but by issue four of this series you will see EXACTLY how different. Naomi 2 joins Amethyst as a previously announced Wonder Comics Season 2 book!

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Bendis also confirmed that two new characters will enter the Young Justice formation, Arrowette and Secret. The author also implied the involvement of Amethyst in DC’s young super-powered crew.

I was a very big fan of the original Amethyst series,” Bendis added. “I think it is highly underrated. It’s filled with unbridled imagination and joy in the best DC way. It might’ve been a little ahead of its time. I feel about Amy the way I feel about Luke Cage. Like I proved myself with Luke in AVENGERS, I hope to prove my point in YOUNG JUSTICE.

Naomi #2 goes on sale today. What do you think about Bendis’ revelations about the future of DC’s Wonder Comics? Share you thoughts in the comment section below.