The Rocketeer Is Being Reborn With A Female Lead

Originally published by Pacific Comics in 1982, The Rocketeer is about to fly into the 21st century with a female Rocketeer taking over the legendary character.

According to SYFY Wire, the reboot will be handled by IDW and takes place 80 years after the original which was created by Dave Stevens. SYFY Wire breaks down the synopsis as follows:

The storyline finds 80 years have passed since Cliff Secord first discovered an experimental jetpack and blasted through the cloudless skies as a high-flying symbol of American justice. Decades later, The Rocketeer is all but forgotten, the product of an old-fashioned, long-lost era. When Cliff’s jetpack is suddenly found by an unlikely citizen, it’s a race against those with evil intent to grab hold, strap on, and take off for a pulp-inspired adventure spotlighting a female Rocketeer.

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The first issue is set to launch this December and will be written by Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet with Javier Pulido providing the art.

Rocketeer Is Reborn With A Female Lead

In an interview with SYFY Wire, Charretier and Colinet said, “It’s an immense honor for us to contribute to Dave Steven’s legacy, and a big responsibility as well — making sure we stay true to the spirit of the character for both old and new fans alike. We hope people will find a fresh, pulp-noir, modern Rocketeer, as Javier Pulido’s wonderfully unique style and inventive storytelling bring this new adventure to life.”

It seems that IDW is following the current trend of putting a female front and center in pop culture and it is awesome to see this new trend pick up momentum across every medium. Maybe we will even get a sequel to the 1991 live-action film thanks to this modern adaptation bringing The Rocketeer back to the mainstream.

Not much else is known about the comic but you can reenter this unique world when it releases on December 26.