The Return of the Rocketeer is Coming to Disney+

Thirty years after his first (and only) big screen outing, The Rocketeer is finally getting a new movie. Only this time, it’s going straight to Disney+. Deadline is reporting that David Oyelowo and his wife, Jessica, are producing a new film starring the pulp superhero. Additionally, Oyelowo might star as the title character himself.

Created by Dave Stevens in 1982, The Rocketeer is usually the alter-ego of Cliff Secord, a stunt pilot living in the 1930s. After discovering a stolen jetpack, Cliff dons a mask and begins using his newfound flying ability to fight evil. In 1991, Disney released its first film adaptation, which was directed by Joe Johnston and starred Bill Campbell as Cliff. The movie’s disappointing box office performance dashed any hopes for a sequel. Regardless, its cult status has kept hope alive for a reboot of some kind.

The new film is called The Return of the Rocketeer and it will be written by Ed Ricourt, who previously co-wrote Now You See Me and also penned episodes of Jessica Jones and Wayward Pines. However, Ricourt’s script is taking a few liberties with the source material. The story reportedly centers on a retired Tuskegee airman who adopts the Rocketeer’s mantle. Deadline’s report doesn’t specify whether the movie is being envisioned as a sequel to The Rocketeer. But in theory, it could share continuity with the original film. The Oyelowos will produce the reboot through their Yoruba Saxon banner. No director is in place yet.

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The Rocketeer‘s comic book adventures have continued at IDW with miniseries written by Mark Waid and Marc Guggenheim, which featured artwork by Chris Samnee and Dave Bullock, respectively. In 2019, Disney Junior premiered its own short-lived Rocketeer animated series centering on Cliff’s daughter, Kit. Campbell also reprised his role from the 1991 film.

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