Exclusive Preview: X-Men Gold #35 Forces Storm To Face a God

Is Storm a goddess? Ororo Munroe was worshiped by her African tribe all the way back in Giant-Size X-Men #1, and she’s had a few brushes with divinity since. Loki gave Storm an enchanted hammer, Stormcaster, during the X-Men’s Asgardian Wars. For a brief period, Storm truly was a goddess. More recently, Stormcaster returned to Storm’s possession, but it may not be able to help her anymore.

Uovu, the God of Evil, has taken control of Storm’s tribe and transformed them into a death cult. In next week’s X-Men Gold #35, Storm’s homecoming will come to a head as the Windrider takes on Uovu. Ororo has an additional stake in this fight, because Uovu resurrected her parents to win her devotion. However, Uovu subsequently turned Ororo’s parents into mind-controlled slaves, and reanimated the tribe’s dead.

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Writer Marc Guggenheim  and Michele Bandini will bring this tale to a conclusion. Phil Noto is the cover artist, and his chosen image suggests that the rest of the X-Men Gold team won’t be far behind. First, Storm will have to confront Uovu on her own, even though her mutant powers are far less formidable than his. Why has Stormcaster forsaken Storm in her hour of need? The answers are coming, but Storm may not be able to save her real parents or her adoptive family from Uovu’s wrath. Mortals always suffer when the gods go to war. Why should this time be any different?

Here’s the official description from Marvel: The X-Men versus the undead! Goddess versus god! And Storm’s final battle?

You can read the full exclusive preview in our gallery below. X-Men Gold #35 will be released on Wednesday, September 5.