Comic-Con: Grant Morrison to Relaunch Green Lantern Comic

Comic-Con: Grant Morrison to Relaunch Green Lantern Comic

DC Comics is providing fans with a new Green Lantern experience as it’s been announced writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp will be relaunching the Green Lantern comic series featuring an in-depth look at Hal Jordan’s role as a space cop.

Speaking to IGN, Morrison gave a description on what the series will be about, stating, “Instead of the big, epic, 12-part stories, we’re focusing down on the everyday life of a space cop. Basically, it’s no more apocalypse-ending storylines. The basic concept is that (Hal Jordan) is like a space cop that patrols a sector of the universe where anything can happen. We’ve made it more like a police procedural.”

“I love this idea that he’s an idiot savant,” Sharp adds. “In a way, he’s a genius. He can just turn up and kind of assess the situation really quickly, and then just smack it with a giant fist, and it’s all fixed.”

The comic will still feature Jordan interacting with various aliens, but will not be including the regular Green Lantern Corps members we know and love. Sticking to the plan that Jordan is a loner, there will be no sign of Lantern’s John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

The Green Lantern #1 arrives in late 2018. Are you looking forward to the new Morrison/Sharp Green Lantern comic books? Sound off in the comments below!

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Comic-Con: Grant Morrison to Relaunch Green Lantern Comic