Deathstroke Photo: Joe Manganiello Shares a First Look

Joe Manganiello has shared the first official photo of Deathstroke from his appearance in the after-credits scene of Justice League! You can view the full Deathstroke photo in the gallery below!

Gareth Evans (The Raid: RedemptionThe Raid 2) was recently revealed to be in talks to write and direct a movie centered around the mercenary Deathstroke for Warner Bros. Pictures. Manganiello will play Slade Wilson, the one eye’d, gun-toting, sword-swinging killer for hire, in the film.

Deathstroke was also supposed to be the main antagonist of the upcoming Batman solo film, but plans for the feature changed after director Matt Reeves boarded the project.

Created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Deathstroke is a famous mercenary in the world of DC Comics who has gone toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight on multiple occasions and actually beaten him in hand-to-hand combat more than once. A masterful assassin who has enhanced reflexes and strength, Deathstroke remains one of the most deadly people in the DCU despite being an old man.