The First Round of MomoCon Cosplay Photos!

Our first round of MomoCon cosplay photos is here! is attending MomoCon this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, and it’s one of the fastest-growing, all-ages conventions in the country. Attendees of the event have come together to share their love for Japanese anime, American animation, video games, comic books, and many of them brought some very creative cosplay. You can check out our first round of MomoCon cosplay photos via the link below!


The name MomoCon comes from the Japanese word for “Peach,” and with Georgia being “The Peach State” it makes for a perfect fit. MomoCon began as a fan-run event at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2005 and was even held at the Student Center & Commons in its first years. Since then, MomoCon has expanded to greater numbers of attendance and has had to change locations to meet the demand of those wishing to attend.

Some of the notable attendees of this year’s MomoCon include Zach Callison who provides the voice of the titular character of Steven Universe plus a whole cavalcade of voice actors from the fan-favorite game of the year, Overwatch, including: Charlet Chung (D.Va), Jonny Cruz (Lucio), Lucie Pohl (Mercy), with Matthew Mercer (Mcree) and head of lore and story for the title, Michael Chu.

Which one of the MomoCon cosplay photos is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!