Eidos Montreal Reportedly Developing Guardians of the Galaxy Video Game

Last week came the official reveal that Marvel Entertainment had signed a deal with publisher Square Enix and developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal to create several games based around key properties, with an Avengers-centric game as the first up to bat.

Now, in a report from Eurogamer on the status of their other franchises, comes word that Eidos Montreal is already working on the second game from the agreement and it will be based on none other than Guardians of the Galaxy. It remains to be seen what this game will be, but given previous confirmation that no further news on the Avengers video game would come until 2018, we can expect to be waiting a while for official word on it.

A different Guardians of the Galaxy video game is in development from developer Telltale Games as well, but given the episodic and player-choice driven nature of their titles, we can expect the two titles to be quite different.

The Guardians of the Galaxy were first introduced to Marvel comics canon in the 1970s though the team many identify as the group didn’t appear until 2008. Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot all starred in the 2014 feature film of the Guardians of the Galaxy, propelling them to household name status. A sequel for that film arrives in May.