New Marvel Legends Figures and More Revealed by Hasbro

This morning, Hasbro lifted the veil off of some of their brand-new products at the San Diego Comic-Con, including new Transformers figures (from the Transformers: Generations and Transforms: Combiner Wars lines), new Marvel Legends, Micronauts, the GI Joe/Transformers, and even a bit of Star Wars. Check out the images of the figures below.

Among the new Marvel Legends revealed are figures of Spider-Man and some Marvel villains, including The Purple Man, Sandman, Grim Reaper, Enchantress, and Abomination.

3.75″ figures were also debuted, including Brother Voodoo, Dormammu, Iron Fist, Nico, Green Goblin, Jackal, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man UK, and Spider-Man 2099.

In addition, 6″ figures of Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo from the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Doctor Strange were revealed.