Batman v Superman Producer Charles Roven to Shift Role on DC Films

Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened in theaters, we’ve learned that Seth Grahame-Smith has departed as The Flash director, that Ben Affleck is now an executive producer of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Justice League, and that executive VP Jon Berg and DC CCO Geoff Johns will be co-running the DC Films banner. Now, The Hollywood Reporter also says Batman v Superman producer Charles Roven will no longer be producing certain upcoming DC movies. 

According to the site, “Talks are underway to have Roven… segue to a different role going forward, likely that of an executive producer who is not involved in day-to-day production. However, he potentially could continue to be a producer on some sequels to the movies he’s currently producing.”

“Roven is a key member of not only the DC slate but of the Warner Bros. family,” a studio spokesman added. Roven produced all three Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan and 2013’s Man of Steel. He’s also a producer on Suicide Squad, and next year’s Wonder Woman and Justice League.

All the moving parts are a reaction by Warner Bros. Pictures to the $870.9 million earned by Batman v Superman at the worldwide box office. While it’s a solid figure, the film’s production budget was at least $300 million and inevitably comparisons are being made to Captain America: Civil War, which has crossed $1.059 billion worldwide after three weeks.

THR adds that one of the reasons for the change for Roven, is that “Warner Bros. wants to ramp up the number of DC productions, and sources say it would be physically impossible for one man to handle pre-, post- and production on multiple movies in locations ranging from Australia to Los Angeles to Louisiana to London… Roven was slated to be a producer on The Flash and Aquaman, two DC films that have yet to go into production and could end up shooting on opposite ends of the planet. Sources tell THR he will no longer serve in that capacity on those films.”

What do you think about this latest news? Is Warner Bros. making the right moves to ensure the success of the DC Cinematic Universe?

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)