Mark Millar Teams with Alice in Wonderland Producer for Empress Movie

Just days after it was revealed that his comics American Jesus and Supercrooks were getting the adaptation treatment, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Mark Millar is teaming with producers Joe Roth (Alice in WonderlandMaleficent) and Jeff Kirschenbaum to bring his latest series, Empress, to the big screen. Screenwriter F. Scott Frazier (XXX: The Return of Xander Cage) will write the script for Empress movie.

“Nobody creates universes that translate into big movie ideas better than Millar,” said Kirschenbaum. “With Empress he’s raised the bar yet again. Part Star Wars, part Guardians of the Galaxy and part something wholly fresh that only the amazing brain of Millar could spawn.”

“In terms of pure concept, this is the most ambitious story I’ve ever come up with so it needed the most experienced producers I’ve ever been in business with,” Millar added. “Joe Roth is a genuine Hollywood legend and Jeff Kirschenbaum was part of the team that broke every record in the book at Universal last year. Even being on the same poster as these two guys is exciting to me.”

The series, written by Millar with art by Stuart Immonen, is described as follows:

“Imagine you’re married to the worst bad guy from your favorite sci-fi movie. An alien dictator feared throughout the universe, who will kill you if you leave, but you need to escape for the sake of your three children. All you have are your wits, your bodyguard, and three guns.”