The DC Comics June 2016 Solicitations!

Check out the full DC Comics June 2016 solicitations with full cover art in the below gallery!

The full DC Comics June 2016 solicitations have been released, and in the gallery viewer below, you can now check out all the artwork, synopses and product images for nearly 150 different upcoming releases!

Following on the heels of Zack Snyder’s long-awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the DC Comics June 2016 solicitations offer up a variety of books featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more. DC Comics is also getting a head start on the August 5 release of Suicide Squad with quite a few books featuring Harley Quinn and the rest of the antihero ensemble.

The DC Comics June 2016 solicitations also see the arrival of the DC Universe’s “Rebirth” event.

“At DC we believe in superheroes, and what makes them great,” said Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Entertainment when “Rebirth” was first teased earlier this year, “And, we also believe in the direct market and the core comics fan. ‘Rebirth’ is designed to bring back the best of DC’s past, embrace the stories we currently love and move the entire epic universe into the future. We are returning to the essence of the DCU. With ‘Rebirth’ we are putting the highest priority on the direct market and we will continue to create and cultivate new opportunities for retailers to thrive and prosper, grow readers, fans and customers.”

You can get a full rundown of the new books and their respective creative teams by clicking here.

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Which of the DC Comics June 2016 solicitations are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!