Wolverine 3 to Get an R Rating?

Wolverine 3 to Get an R Rating?

With Deadpool decidedly in-the-black after one of the most stunning weekend box office performances of all-time, we can now expect many studios to start spicing up their superhero flicks with a healthy dose of blood, boobs and bad words to go for the R-rated gold. Whether or not that was the reason for Deadpool‘s success, it seems that 20th Century Fox is already doubling down on that idea by granting the upcoming Wolverine 3 R-rating privileges, at least according to Reddit user RayChaos who just got back from Fox’s Toy Fair presentation and posted the following image:

Wolverine 3

This will not be the franchise’s first flirtation with an R, as the last picture The Wolverine was released on Blu-ray with an alternate unrated cut that provided fans with the most explicit mutant film to-date… until Deadpool, that is. 

Though Patrick Stewart recently confirmed that he will be “making more than an appearance” in the upcoming Wolverine 3, there is still very little known about the project.

To be directed by James Mangold (who, in addition to helming The Wolverine, worked with Hugh Jackman on Kate & Leopold), the new film is penned by David James Kelly. It will arrive in theaters on March 3, 2017.