Exclusive: Tom Holland Reveals an Interesting Spider-Man Tidbit

Tom Holland on the upcoming Spider-Man movie

By now, you’ve probably already watched the new Captain America: Civil War teaser trailer a few dozen times. If not, here it is.

One thing we don’t get to see in the new “Civil War” trailer is any sign of the new Spider-Man, who returns to the screen under the Marvel Studios aegis with Peter Parker played by 19-year-old Tom Holland (The Impossible).

Holland next appears in Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea opposite Chris Hemsworth–who at this point, doesn’t seem to be appearing in “Civil War” as Thor–but when ComingSoon.net/SuperHeroHype sat down to talk with Holland, he did tell us the connection he had to the character before getting the role.

“I have always been a huge fan of Spider-Man, and growing up, I had countless Spider-Man costumes,” he told us. “Only two years ago did I go to a fancy dress party dressed as Spider-Man. I had this awesome morph suit where you can put your phone on your chest and spiders would crawl across the costume, it was awesome! He’s always been a big part of my life and a big part of boys’ lives because everybody can relate to him.”

While it doesn’t seem like “Civil War” is going to use the Superhuman Registration Act as a catalyst for the conflict, Holland pointed out something interesting about the character of Spider-Man and how that might complicate matters. “I think one of the most interesting things about Peter Parker for us is that he’s the only person in the MCU now that has a secret identity, so we all know who everyone else is. I think it’s quite interesting to go back to that hiding behind a mask.”

When asked about fitting in with the rest of the cast who have now done three or four previous movies together, he told us that Robert Downey Jr. has been very welcoming. “I guess they’re such easy people. They’re lovely people and Robert did my first screen test and he was so welcoming. He took me aside and gave me a little advice about the audition. Like with Ron (Howard), I just felt at ease with him, ‘cause he’s just a down to earth easy-going guy, and I can’t wait to get to work with them more. I’m really excited to get to work and be a part of that universe.”

The production for the newest, still-untitled Spider-Man movie will probably start sometime next year and most of it will be shooting in the same place where they shot Captain America: Civil War. “We’re shooting in Atlanta for most of it, because they have studios there and I think it’s cheaper to build a New York set than it is to shoot here, because it’s going to be very expensive. We probably will end up here (in New York) for one week or two.”

Look for the rest of our interview with Holland on ComingSoon.net before In the Heart of the Sea opens on December 11.