Drew Goddard Talks Villain Balance in His Cancelled Sinister Six Movie

Director talks juggling villains for cancelled Sinister Six movie

Last week, The Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard expressed hope that his now cancelled Sinister Six movie could see the light of day eventually. The film would have positioned a collection of Spider-Man villains and the webslinger together into one movie that he compared to the summer annuals from the ’60s.

Now, speaking with IGN, the subject of the number of villains in a film came up. It’s a common talking point among fans that the more villains that appear in a superhero film, the more likely it is to be a stinker, a topic Goddard addressed.

“When you’re doing just a straightforward superhero movie, you don’t need a lot of villains. The focus is on one guy. I think with Sinister, it’s different. To me it’s less about too many villains and more about too many antagonists and there’s a distinction. You never say, like, The Dirty Dozen has too many characters. They’re all villains, or you could argue that. But they’re protagonists. The trick with Sinister, is that I was making everyone the protagonist and less about six-on-one and more about coming at it a little differently. That was the idea… You can still have protagonists be evil. That’s the secret. Look at something like, say, Reservoir Dogs. They’re protagonists but Michael Madsen is a complete psychopath! It’s OK, you can do both.”

Goddard was still tight lipped about which characters would have composed his version of the villain team, but did say he wasn’t constricted by the teaser at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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