Ryan Reynolds Talks about Deadpool’s Place in the X-Men Universe


Today was a pretty exciting day at Comic-Con and as the yearly geek fest starts to wind down, we turn our eyes to Deadpool, which was the clear highlight of the 20th Century Fox panel in Hall H.

Earlier in the day, had a chance to talk to Ryan Reynolds and some of the other actors in the movie, and we were really curious where Deadpool might fit into the X-Men universe that Fox has been creating.

Our question specifically was whether there was a place for Deadpool in the bigger X-Universe, since he has a key role in the “X-Force” comics, and we’ve heard that Fox is developing an X-Force movie.

“I’d love to see him in X-Force,” Reynolds responded. “I think you’d have to be pretty judicious of how you use him in anything that’s X-Men related just because you have a character that’s META, a character that breaks the fourth wall, that’s self-aware. How does that fit into that world. It becomes a pretty fine line he’s walking. You can probably find a way to utilize him but you’d have to be pretty judicious with him.”

And when we asked him specifically how Deadpool might tie into Weapon X, the program that created Wolverine, Reynolds was a bit more hesitant to give an answer whether we might learn more about that connection in Deadpool’s origin movie. “They share a history that’s for sure. We talked a little about a few different things around there but nothing I can really give away right now,” he told us.

Look for the rest of our interviews with Reynolds as well as some of his castmates, including TJ Miller, Gina Carano and Ed Skrein, soon.