Devil’s Due Alien Invasion Comic Book Drafted Heads to the Screen

Drafted, the original sci-fi series from writer Mark Powers and artist Chris Lie, is planning a feature film adaptation. Deadline reports that Benderspink Productions has snagged the screen rights to the property, which initially hit the stands in 2007 from Devil’s Due Publishing. The official description reads as follows:

For centuries, humanity has questioned the existence of life on other worlds. When we finally meet extraterrestrial life, it isn’t exactly as we may have hoped… An alien race known as The Benefactors has come to help mankind fend off an invasion by another, more malevolent alien race. Throughout history the things that divide us have taken us to war with each other- now we find ourselves with one thing in common that will unite us like never before: As of today, WE HAVE BEEN DRAFTED.

Drafted originally launched with a preview issue, which was then followed by 12 single issues subsequently collected in two trade paperbacks. It is noted in the original article that a relaunch of the comic series is also in the works for next year.

Powers will develop the big screen version alongside Devil’s Due publisher Josh Blaylock and Benderspink’s JC Spink. Check back for details on the project’s development as they become available.