See the First Appearance of Marvel’s Female Thor!

Back in July, it was announced on “The View” that a mystery woman would be taking up the mantle of The Mighty Thor in the pages of Marvel Comics, which created a storm of controversy around the God of Thunder. Now Marvel (via Vulture) has given the public a tantalizing look at the first four-pages of their new Thor #1 ahead of its October 1 release date. Check out artist Russell Dauterman’s pages below!

Jason Aaron, who wrote the amazing recent 25-issue run of Thor: God of Thunder, has been deliberately pushing the character of Thor to the point where he is unworthy to wield his mystical hammer Mjolnir, after seeing his adopted town of Broxton, Oklahoma devastated by the evil Roxxon corporation.

“The Odinson, the previous version of Thor, he’s going to look at all the women around him and start to try to figure out which one of [them] is running around with [his] hammer,” Aaron told The Washington Post. “It’s a suspect list that’s going to include his mother, Freyja, who plays a big role in [the first issue]; Roz Solomon, who is Thor’s new love interest and also a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent; [his] ex-girlfriend Jane Foster; and Sif [who is a big part of the movies].”

While we’re still a little short on clues, these first pages include an important addendum to the oath emblazoned on the side of Mjolnir: “Whoever holds this hammer, if SHE be worthy shall possess the power of THOR.”