Shawn Levy Gives An Update on the Progress on Real Steel 2

There have been rumblings of a sequel ever since, but they decided to find out if that’s a real possibility after three years.

“We have been quietly developing a sequel to ‘Real Steel’ for three and a half years,” Levy revealed. “We’ve come up with some great scripts but Hugh and I would only make it if the plot feels fresh, but also the character journeys feel fresh, and we’ve found both but never at the same time. It’s ongoing. I know the clock is ticking. That movie, weirdly, for a movie that did very well globally–it did okay domestically–but the love for ‘Real Steel’ remains kind of unique as far as rabid fans who ask me all the time for another one. Hugh and I love that movie so if we can crack it, we’ll make it, but I have this sense that we better make that happen soon or frankly, the audience may not be there in the same way. So we shall see.”

You can watch the rest of the interview with Levy on before This is Where I Leave You is released on September 19.