DC Comics Relaunching Secret Six this December with Gail Simone!

DC Comics (via Hero Complex) has announced that not only will the fan-favorite Secret Six be making its debut in The New 52 but that writer Gail Simone will once again return to pen the series! Simone revealed that the series will launch this December and went on to call it “the ‘Twin Peaks’ of superhero comics.”

Artist Dale Eaglesham will redesign the characters for the series as well as provide the covers, while Ken Lashley (Superman: Doomed) will provide the interior art for the series.

“He draws the fiercest heroes, the creepiest villains, and that whole spectrum from Metropolis sunshine to Gotham’s deepest shadow,” Simone told the outlet. “I can’t wait to see what he does with comics’ dirtiest wild bunch!”

The series will begin with six strangers waking up in a room, unsure of how they got there, all of whom Simone says will not trust or like each other right off the bat. Who are “The Six” this time around? Previous members Catman and Black Alice are confirmed to be a part of the new team, but what about the other four? The cover art for the first issue offers a glimpse of the other members and it would appear the former Talon Strix (created by Simone in her recent Batgirl run) will be a member along with what looks like Papa Midnite from the pages of Constantine. But what about the other two? Sound off with your guesses below!

Secret Six #1 will debut in stores December 3.

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