DC Heroes Get a Prehistoric Makeover in Jurassic League This May

Over the years, DC has re-imagined members of the Justice League as everything from pirates to ninjas to knights and apes. But their latest revamp might be jumping the shark (or in this case: jumping the T-Rex). Starting in May, DC will launch Jurassic League, a new six-issue miniseries where everyone’s favorite superheroes are now anthropomorphic dinosaurs.

Readers can expect to meet brand new versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as the series progresses. The Dark Knight (now called Batsaur) is an Allosaurus; the Man of Steel is a plant-eating (but still tough-looking) Brachiosaurus; and Diana of Themyscira will appear as a Triceratops. We can also look forward to the Joker showing up as a dilophosaurus (the same breed of dino that killed Wayne Knight in Jurassic Park). Plus, the story’s official description hints that an appearance by Darkseid is in the cards.

The series comes from co-writers Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon, the latter of whom also handled the interior artwork. Additionally, Johnson drew the main covers for all six issues, while DC invited several other artists to design their own variants. The first issue will notably feature a 1:25 Megalustre “Dino Skin” variant courtesy of Walt Simonson. Gedeon also illustrated his own open variant cover that DC will reveal at a later date.

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Jurassic League is all I want to draw: dinos and epic fights,” said Gedeon in a statement. “My own version of a 90s cartoon or videogame. Expect a story about survival, unity and hope where the strong protect the weak in a world where danger lurks in every corner.”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to join Juan Gideon in creating a new world for DC, complete with dinos, cavemen, and extinction level events,” added Johnson. “Batsaur suplexes a Joker dilophosaurus. You’re welcome!”

Jurassic League #1 hits comic shops on May 10. You can view Johnson’s cover for the first issue below.

Are you excited to check out the new series later this year? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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