Comic-Con: Check Out Our Recap of the First Scenes from Big Hero 6!

The filmmakers of the upcoming Disney Animation film Big Hero 6 shared a pair of exclusive clips from the film with attendees at their “Art of…” Comic-Con panel earlier today. The first clip was introduced by a surprise guest, the voice of main character Hiro, teen actor Ryan Potter.

The clip is main character Hiro’s introduction to his robot companion Baymax. The scene opens with Hiro in his room. He drops something on his foot and his ‘Ouch!’ activates Baymax, who is a personal health care robot and emerges from a case in an adjacent room, which you can see through an open doorway.

Baymax inflates and is trapped behind a bed and stack of boxes. The robot squeezes through the obstacles and comes into the room with Hiro. He introduces himself as Baymax, a personal health care assistant. He tells Hiro he was activated by hearing distress. Hiro assures Baymax he is fine. A template of emoji faces appear on Baymax’s chest with a ‘pain scale’ of 1 to 10. The robot asks: “How hurt are you?” Hiro insists he is not hurt and after a bit of back and forth trying to ‘fend’ off Baymax’s ‘does it hurt when I touch it’ help, winds up falling backwards tipping a wall shelf that triggers a series of object falling on him in succession. With each item striking Hiro, Baymax asks: “On a scale… “ *thonk* “On a scale…” *thonk* “On a scale…” and so on. The robot lets Hiro know that it is ‘all right to cry’, then scans him for injury. Baymax finds no pain, but does find that the teenager is prone to mood swings… diagnosis: Puberty. Baymax tells Hiro that he will ‘note an increase in body hair on his legs, chest, armpits and especially…’ The robot is cut off as Hiro hastily tries to stuff him in the case from which he sprang. Baymax tells the boy he cannot deactivate until he knows Hiro is satisfied with the health care provided. Hiro tells Baymax he is satisfied and *ploomp*… Baymax is back in the case.

The second clip is called ‘First Flight’ and is director Don Hall’s favorite in the movie. The clip starts with Baymax and Hiro in full superhero armor flying erratically over the cityscape of San Fransokyo. Hiro tries to get Baymax to steady and speed up a bit when the robot punches it. Hiro exclaims: “Too much thrust! Too much thrust!” as the duo go racing across the Golden Gate Bridge. A near collision is averted by Hiro’s commands of ‘Up! Up!’ and the pair wind up perched atop one of the bridge’s massive supports. Baymax tells Hiro: “Your neurotransmitter levels are rising.” Hiro asks: “Which means what?” Baymax: “The treatment is working.” A more confident robot tips to one side and plunges off the bridge with Hiro astride. His flying hits another level as they soar throughout the cityscape in a scene reminiscent of How to Train Your Dragon’s first flight between Hiccup and Toothless. They soar up the cables of one of a city’s numerous blimp-like wind turbines, breaking away near the top where Hiro lets out an emphatic ‘Yessss!’

Big Hero 6 hits theaters on November 7.