Marvel Debunks Rumors About Big Hero 6 Characters Joining the MCU

Yesterday, The Disinsider put out a report claiming that characters from Big Hero 6 will appear in an upcoming Marvel Studios production. The news managed to send several Marvel fans into a frenzy. Regardless, it doesn’t look like Hiro, Baymax, or any of their teammates are making the jump to live-action anytime soon. Variety has confirmed that Marvel currently has no plans to bring the Big Hero 6 family into the MCU.

Even among die-hard Marvel fans, Big Hero 6 was once a relatively obscure property. But that all changed when Disney gave the characters their own movie in 2014 and turned them into overnight sensations. The team was created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau and eventually headlined their own three-issue miniseries in 1998. However, Disney’s film made a lot of changes to the heroes’ comic book counterparts. For instance, Baymax was originally depicted as a synthetic android who usually assumed the form of a dragon. But in the movie, he appears as an inflatable robot who wears a suit of armor during combat.

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Big Hero 6 was a big success for Disney when it hit theaters and later won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. It also inspired an animated series on Disney XD, which concluded its third and final season earlier this month. A Baymax-centric spinoff is currently in the works at Disney+. The film’s characters were also featured in video game form in Kingdom Hearts III in 2019.

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