Valiant Comics Archer & Armstrong Headed to the Big Screen?

AICN brings word that the Valiant Comics series Archer & Armstrong is about to hit the fast track toward a feature film. The site reports that a script has been developed internally at Valiant Entertainmant and they’re so pleased with the outcome, they’d like to move forward with the adaptation very quickly. It’s reported that the film will adhere close to the recent Fred Van Lente/Clayton Henry run of the series with the title characters taking on the “One Percent” gang and could even include cameos from other Valiant characters like the Eternal Warrior.

Keep in mind this is very much still a rumor, though with other Valiant titles (such as Shadowman, Harbinger, and Bloodshot) officially in development, it’s not hard to believe Archer & Armstrong could be on the slate as well. The real question being, should all these films get made, will we see a connective Valiant cinematic universe? Sound off with your thoughts below.

Created by Jim Shooter, Bob Layton and Barry Windsor-Smith, Archer & Armstrong debuted in 1992 where their misadventures began. The series stars Archer, a master martial artist born into a stark religious home, and Armstrong, an immortal being with enhanced abilities, with the pair finding themselves at odds originally as Archer seeks to kill the immortal globe hopper. Though the two quickly form a bond when they realize that they’re being hunted by a secret group called The Sect.