The Winter Soldier Gets a New Ongoing Comic Series this October

Already the star of a hit film earlier this year, Marvel Comics has revealed this morning that the infamous Winter Soldier will be getting his own ongoing comic series once again in the form of Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier from writer Ales Kot (Zero, Secret Avengers) and artist Marco Rudy (Marvel Knights Spider-Man).

“Bucky’s operating on an intergalactic stage now,” editor Wil Moss told The A.V. Club. “The entire Marvel Universe is his playing field, from the depths of Limbo to the heights of Asgard, and everywhere in between. It’d be like if the James Bond movies suddenly had access to the characters and settings of all the other great film franchises. (You just know Bond wouldn’t have needed an entire fleet of X-wings to destroy the Death Star!)”

“Killing brings trauma,” Kot said about the series. “Its effects on people and societies are relatively well-documented, yet we still have wars and glorify killing. My work on spy fiction in comics, beginning with Zero and continuing to Secret Avengers, interrogates the space where the trauma is repeated ad nauseam. Winter Soldier is the last part of my exploration of this, at least in comics.”

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1 will hit stores this October.

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