Guardians of the Galaxy Goes Viral with Galaxy Getaways

Marvel Studios continues to amp up fans for the release of their most offbeat feature yet, Guardians of the Galaxy. They’ve just launched a detailed viral website for Galaxy Getaways, a high-end space travel agency that appears to have some serious connections to the James Gunn film!

“Aside from a fight between a raccoon, a tree and the Nova Corps, the Xandar mall was amazing!” reads one testimonials on the page, which allows users to pick between one of three major planets in the universe.

There’s Xandar, the “peaceful paradise in the stars” that serves as the base of operations to the Nova Corps. After that is Knowhere, the floating head mining colony controlled by Benicio Del Toro’s Taneleer Tavin (aka, The Collector). Lastly, there’s Morag, the abandoned world that appears to be where Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord attempts to steal the film’s MacGuffin.

Did you know that Xandar has three suns? Did you know that Morag is inhabited by small lizards called Orloni? Doesn’t a Galaxy Getaways ship appear to look exactly like the Milano? Will any of this matter in the final film? We’ve got less than a month until we find out as Guardians of the Galaxy hits the big screen August 1, but, to have some serious fun speculating, click on the image below and share your thoughts and theories in the comments: