The Walking Dead Escape Report: A Test of Endurance

Few things can claim to be as culturally relevant today as our current obsession with zombies and the end of the world. This is no more obvious than from the stellar ratings that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” receives with every episode, coupled with the sales of its comic book basis, and then fan conventions that take place all over the country dedicated solely to the zombie craze. We’ve even made fantasizing about the zombie apocalypse a normal thing as zombie themed target sheets are some of the best selling accessories for gun sports, in addition to entire TV shows based around people getting ready for the end of the world. Now, “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman has taken our obsession to a new level with The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course, a test of endurance for fans that wish to subject themselves to just a slice of what the end of days could be.

Having read “The Zombie Survival Guide” from cover-to-cover upon its release and played well over 300 hours of the Left 4 Dead games, I couldn’t wait to see whatever was going to greet me inside Philips Arena in Atlanta, but let me tell you firsthand, no video game can prepare you for what Skybound EXP have put together. This is no walk in the park, and it will require you to be in at least some form of physical shape before attempting.

After checking in and receiving my credentials I made my way to the entrance and secured a spot in the next wave of survivors that were going to make the run. I was ready. I’d been pumping myself up the entire journey there and I was convinced no zombie was going to get the better of me, that’s when the sky got dark and the thunder rang out. The rain didn’t even spend any time warming itself up either, it was a downpour from the start. If you’re going to have a zombie apocalypse you might as well go all out and let the elements participate. 

Eventually we were lead inside and after a brief safety explanation, where they assured us that what we were about to experience was in fact not real, we were shepherded into a large army tent. Only a few rows of people stood in front of me, but we were packed inside, had this been a real zombie outbreak we all would have been dead meat. An Army guy at the front of the tent picked up his loudspeaker and started to set us all straight, down a path to hell that is.

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