Spider-Man 2099 Gets a New Ongoing Series This July

If you’ve been reading Marvel’s “Superior Spider-Man” comic series, then you know that a special guest from the future has found his way into the present day Marvel timeline – Miguel O’Hara the Spider-Man of 2099. Marvel has now announced (via Newsarama) that Miguel will be once again getting his very own comic series in the form of a new “Spider-Man 2099” series. Original series writer Peter David is back to pen the relaunch with “Fearless Defenders” artist Will Sliney on pencils.

“Miguel is now trapped in the present day Marvel Universe, so straight away we have to deal with the fact that in the greatest of Marvel traditions, we have a hero out of time,” Sliney said about the series. “I’m looking forward to drawing that iconic costume in the surroundings of some of New York’s gritty and textured looking neighborhoods.”​

“Miguel is going to be endeavoring to reform Tiberius Stone; to make him into someone who cares about other people and might actually do a better job of raising Tyler Stone and thus make Miguel’s life easier,” David said. “Not to mention that he will try to exert influence over what sort of company Alchemax develops into.”

“Spider-Man 2099” will debut this July. Check out the cover art by Simone Bianchi and some sketches by Sliney below!