Hasbro’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man Lines

We don’t have too much to say about any of these as they’re fairly self-explanatory and there was only one figure from the line that wasn’t some variation on Spider-Man and that was the figure for Electro that lit up (but honestly, didn’t look that great). As with many of Hasbro’s other movie-related action figure lines, the movie figures in the Infinite Series were mixed in with figures from the comics and cartoons including Superior Spider-Man, the Black Cat, Beetle and Carnage. The “build-a-figure” for Wave 1 of the line builds to a larger scale Ultimate Green Goblin (from the comics, not the movie).

Before you check out the photo gallery below, here’s a demo of Hasbro’s Giant Web-Slinging Spider-Man which uses Silly String as webbing and there are matching web shooters using a similar principal for Spidey role playing.